365 Days of Earthworms

“Worms have played a more important part in the history of the world than most persons would at first suppose” Charles Darwin (1881) The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Actions of Worms It’s officially over… 2021 is behind us. As National Recorder for Earthworms it’s my responsibility to process all of the earthworm recordsContinue reading “365 Days of Earthworms”

NFBR Conference 2021

This spring the National Forum for Biological Recording (NFBR) will be exploring ‘Outside the Honeypot: Wildlife recording in the urban world’, with a 2-day virtual conference showcasing some fantastic projects and initiatives about wildlife recording in habitats that we tend to think of as reserved for humans. A conference for everyone… naturalists, volunteers and professionalsContinue reading “NFBR Conference 2021”

Data-Flow – The journey of a record

By sharing biological records it opens up the potential benefit that a record can have to nature and the environment through analysis, research and the production of resources (such as a distribution atlas). Throughout the years, the number of organisations involved in the collection and dissemination of biodiversity data has increased and diversified, leaving biologicalContinue reading “Data-Flow – The journey of a record”

Who’s who of biological recording

Britain is very lucky to have a rich history in biological recording. Natural history was a popular pastime in Victorian Britain and our taxonomists were (and still are) responsible for the description and recording of species across the world. As a result of this history, the UK has a well developed network of organisations involved inContinue reading “Who’s who of biological recording”