Biological Recording

A guide to biological recording in the UK by Keiron Derek Brown

What is a biological record? Find out about the basic building blocks needed to create a biological record.

Record Resolution Learn how you can improve the quality of a biological record by the resolution of the the information captured.

Data Quality Learn how can you improve the quality of a biological record with additional types of information.

Who’s who of biological recording A beginner’s guide to some of the players in the biological recording sector.

Data flow: the journey of a record

Data flow – The journey of a record Where does a record go? Well that all depends on where you submit it to in the first place…

Big Garden Birdwatch In Jan 2016 I returned to Cumbria to undertake the Big Garden Birdwatch with my Dad.

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  • Updated guidance.
  • More topics.
  • iRecord guidance.
Using biological records

The UK has a long history of love for, and fascination with, its natural heritage

State of Nature Report 2019

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