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10574399_10154409855832542_435039659563523349_nMy name is Keiron Derek Brown and my passion is biological recording, with a focus on invertebrates. I’ve created this website to act as a guidance and reference tool for naturalists interested in biological recording. Below is my background info.

Since an early age I have been fascinated with wildlife. I was lucky enough to grow up on the edge of a small town in Cumbria with wildlife all around me. As I went through school I realised I was more interested in the sciences and my love of the natural world pushed me towards studying Biology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

After a misspent youth in the hospitality sector and a number of voluntary forays into the conservation and ecology sector, I decided it was time that I followed the career path I wanted rather than the one I’d fallen in to. This started with 7 years working on the National Bat Helpline for the Bat Conservation Trust.

331053_10151419876527542_564832337_oFor seven years I was a Volunteer Research Assistant with the Soil Biodiversity Group (SBG) at the Natural History Museum (London).

Through this research group I gained plenty of invertebrate field work experience (both in the UK and Borneo), improved my knowledge of invertebrate taxonomy and developed my identification skills.

10644674_1639843372909632_8950847260605240397_oI ❤ Earthworms

Anyone that knows me, knows that my first and formeost interest is earthworms. I became a Trustee for the Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) in 2013 following my NHM work on earthworms. I am registered as the National Recorder for Earthworms with the Biological Records Centre and organise the National Earthworm Recording Scheme (NERS). While in this role I have:

  • designed the recording scheme guidance (see the Earthworm Recorders Handbook)
  • worked with iRecord to set up earthworm and soil pit survey Species Group Forms and created the the NERS iRecord Activity.
  • designed and implemented the earthworm data-flow pathway, with all earthworm data being made publicly available through the NBN Atlas and GBIF.
  • delivered many earthworm ecology and identification courses, lectures and conference presentations as an ESB Tutor.

Recording London’s Wildlife

In early 2016 I joined the London Natural History Society (LNHS), where I’ve held a number of voluntary positions (including 3 years as a Trustee). In January 2020 I took on the role of Chair of the Ecology & Entomology section of the society, where I see my role as supporting and improving the recording of invertebrates, mammals and herptiles. My work with LNHS has including:

FSC BioLinks Project

In April 2016 the Field Studies Council recruited me to develop their FSC BioLinks project and apply for a £1.2 million National Lottery Heritage Fund grant. Our proposed project plan focused on developing the recording and identification skills of new and existing biological recorders for a number of difficult-to-identify and under-recorded invertebrate groups. The bid was successful and the project was officially launched in November 2017, with me in post as Project Manager until January 2023. During the project I have:

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